About Us

Our Dedicated Sales & Support Team are ready to assist you. Any questions you may have regarding orders, prices, help, and after sales service will be answered in a kind and professional manner.


At Glanworth Tyres our main product are Car Tyres. Therefore huge 50,000 square foot warehouses were constructed to hold over 60,000 of our quality tyres

Outdoor Compound

The Outdoor Compound encompasses a large area. Here we place all of our Agricultural and Plant Tyres. The space is needed, as there are always over 1,000 Agri & Plant Tyres in stock

New Stock

Glanworth Tyres never rests. To this effect both Old and New Stock are always in transit. Shown is one of the Fork Trucks bringing in New Stock ready for sale the next day. Stock is transported using our own branded vehicles. We source our products from countries all over the word, including :